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My father William Eggleston and I have always shared a love of great textiles and a good story. During a series of spontaneous trips to visit him in Memphis, I unearthed countless drawings spanning decades before and after I was born, an artistic legacy far longer than his career as an iconic photographer. Preserved and unpreserved, neatly archived in boxes and crumpled under couch cushions, scrawled on the backs of receipts, I gathered them all and began almost unconsciously to structure them into repeating patterns. What eventually emerged from this father-daughter collaboration was a debut series of textile designs and the birth of a print design brand. Through electra eggleston, this growing collection of prints goes on to live a second life in the worlds of interior design and fashion.



electra eggleston prints are designed and refined in Nashville, Tennessee and printed in North Carolina. We print digitally in order to minimize our impact on the environment while preserving the integrity of designs and fabrics, as it uses less ink than traditional printing and affords us the opportunity to support onshore local production.

The Italian digital machines printing our textiles are among the world's best, reproducing color and design with unparalleled precision onto non-synthetic cotton/linen and 100% Belgian linen. Made from the finest Belgian flax, this linen is known for its longevity, its uniform, natural texture, and its soft hand. Due to the nature of linen in combination with the printing process, there are elements of slubbing and flecking, which are part of its aesthetic appeal. If you are unfamiliar with the product, we recommend ordering a sample before placing your order.


All textiles are available as samples and by the yard to members of the design trade and retailers. To request samples, visit our collection, add samples to your cart, and enter your business information in the required fields at checkout. If you wish to open an account, please submit your enquiry with resale certificate/EN# here